Why You Should Pay Someone to Install Your Pool Cover  

by Pool Builders on 11-28-2013 in Articles

The general idea that we may have when it comes to a cover, is that it is a long piece of waterproof fabric that we manually lay over a swimming pool with some time and effort. That general idea may be correct, but if you invest on an automatic pool cover, the work it takes you to have your pool covered will be significantly minimized. But then, to have an automatic cover, you need to have it installed, and in order to do this, you need to leave it in the hands of contractors who knows how to do so them properly.

Maybe the pool cover already comes with a manual and tools needed to install it. So why is it important to leave the installation work instead in the hands of pool cover contractors?

First, they know what they are doing. Even if the installation steps in the manual seem intuitive, you might lack the experienced and technical hands to have it done right the first time. If you leave the installation work in the hands of pool cover contractors, you can have your pool cover installed correctly in an instant. If you happen to work with a group of contractors who have been in the industry for quite some time, you can expect that they already know what needs to be done, without having to reference the manual.

Second, they will arrive on-site, bringing with them the tools needed to do the installation properly. You may have a reliable screwdriver on hand and a tape measure, but if you do not have the other tools such as a wrench, a caliper, and a sturdy pair of hands, you might have a hard time doing the cover installation done all by yourself. It is important to note that these contractors are skilled in working in their field, and as such, bring with them a wide assortment of hardware tools. Also, working with a contractor who has all the right tools is simply convenient. You get the job done immediately, and you are assured that the finished product is sturdy since the right tools were used to build them.

Third, having contractors manage your cover installation means you get to protect your investment well. Pool covers can cost a great deal of money, and you simply cannot afford the risk of installing it incorrectly just because you don't want others touching your newly purchased item. If you unfortunately damaged a part of your cover, you have no viable excuse to have it replaced because it was your own doing. Having contractors who will install your cover, however, means there is a way for you to have their installation work guaranteed. You can even have a warranty over your cover if you let them handle the installation requirements.

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