Why You Should Purchase An Intelliflo Pump For Your Pool?  

by Pool Builders on 06-17-2012 in Articles

A high horse powered pump with vacuum and circulation mode is a must to all pool owners. Swimming pool pumps are the heart of swimming pools. It is one of the most important devices used for circulating the pool water through your pool's filtering system, so that the water can be cleaned on a regular basis. The most efficient way to sanitize your pools is to run your pool pump slowly. Using slow speed facilitates filters in operating efficiently such that even the smallest particles are trapped easily. Considering the rising cost of electricity, energy efficient pumps seem to be the wisest choice.

Different Models of Intelliflo Pumps:

Standard pool pumps can consume almost as much energy as your other home appliances combined together, thus increasing the cost on your overall energy consumption. Whereas, an Intelliflo pump can typically cut energy use up to 90%, saving you a great deal of money on your annual utility costs. The Intelliflo pump is available in the following three models

€ Variable speed: model features eight speeds and a programmable time clock with LCD screen.

€ VF or Variable Flo: is a pump model with software and on-board computer that automatically calculates the minimum required water flow for each task assigned. When you change the task, this model of Intelliflo pump will adjust the flow accordingly, to maximize the energy savings.

€ VF + SVRS: models have the worlds first built in safety system that will detect a drain blockage and automatically shut off.

Important Features of Intelliflo Pumps:

€ Ultra efficient permanent magnet motor design that reduces noise and vibration.

€ Exceptionally quieter operation-as low as 45 decibels, about 4 times quieter than traditional style pumps.

€ Can be used in all types, shapes and sizes of in-ground pools and in-ground spas.

€ Come with a one year manufacturer's warranty.

€ In built diagnostics to protect against overheating, freezing, premature failures and voltage irregularities.

€ Ease of accessibility and availability of all Intelliflo pump internal replacement parts.

Why Invest In An Intelliflo Pump?

Swimming pool pumps are expected to run smoothly so that the water is filtered properly and correctly. Similarly the filters and pumps too, need to function perfectly if you want to enjoy a clean pool. This can be ensured only when you have the best Intelliflo Pumps and a professional to install your pool pump. Although you may find it a bit expensive to invest in good brand of pool pumps and filters, but over the years, these devices offer best performances and remain eco-friendly.

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