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by Pool Builders on 09-12-2011 in Articles

Location and design are important to consider when adding a swimming pool to your property. Design and location are dependent on each other. Consider discussing location and design with a local contractor who can advise you on your budget. The size of pool, pool shape and amount of privacy you have will be determined by the location. It will be quite expensive to level out the area where you want to build your pool if it is not level to begin with. Trees and other landscaping around your pool should be taken into consideration because they can make your pool messy. The depth of pool will depend on what you are using it for - whether you are using it for play or to relax. Budget will also be a big factor in location and design.

Decisions about features, location and design must take your budget into consideration. Although an in ground pool is more expensive and needs more space than above ground pool it will look better and therefore add more value to your home. Keep maintenance costs in mind when determining your budget. Don't include features that you can't afford, ensure your budget is realistic and you stick with it. Painting designs on the floor of your pool or adding colourful underwater lights are a few ways to add a special touch to your pool. You can include a number of underwater features in your pool design like diving platforms or handicapped access. Of course some of these features will greatly increase your costs.

It is important to the weigh the pros and cons of an in ground or above ground pool. In ground pools are the most popular choice since they look better and are more functional. The cost and space effective option is an above ground pool. Above ground pools can be custom built or bought in a kit. The best way to construct an above ground pool is to surround it by a deck to improve the look. Your above ground pool can also be constructed with metal frames or fiber glass. Whether you go with an in ground or above ground pool ensure that the pool deck is safe and you must factor in the cost of fencing your pool area.

Whenever you are dealing with a swimming pool you want to ensure safety is at the front of your mind. Ensure you follow the proper construction and safety codes in your area. Surrounding your pool with a fence is often a bylaw to ensure that children can't accidentally gain access to the pool and drown. Fencing will also increase the privacy around your pool, which is a great feature. Fencing is not the only child protection feature you should consider. Depending on your design you may want to ensure adequate depth for diving, proper construction of diving boards, as well as a slip-free deck that will surround the pool. It is critical that you have safety devices around your pool in case of an emergency such as life rings, vests and rope. A pool cover is another safety feature you will want to invest in. Not only will a pool cover protect your pool from debris and ensure it remains clean while you're not using it, it will also protect people from accidentally falling in.

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