Why Your Little One Needs a Puddle Jumper Life Jacket  

by Pool Builders on 03-18-2012 in Articles

If you have a little one and you like to go swimming then you should know about the Stearns Puddle Jumper life jacket. Whether your child is a water bug or timid in the water, this life preserver will make your life much easier.

Your little one will enjoy hours of safe and exciting fun with the Puddle Jumper life jacket. You will love the peace of mind you feel when you know your child is safe, and your kids will love the bright colors and fun designs. The Puddle Jumper life preserver fits kids from 30 to 50 pounds and is Coast Guard type V level 3 approved.

The jacket fits comfortably across the child's chest with arm sleeves that fit snuggly, while allowing free range of motion and excellent stability in the water. The basic model is made of durable nylon, while the deluxe offers softer woven polyester.
Your child's confidence in the water will increase dramatically with the comfort and security of the Puddle Jumper life jacket. While other flotation devices allow the face to bob into the water, this life jacket keeps the chest and head afloat, without allowing the face to bob into the water.

Guaranteeing serious stability and confidence, the Puddle Jumper Deluxe is available in several animal designs and colors, including crab, penguin, toucan, and bug. Puddle Jumper life jackets also offers a full suit, with inflatable arms. Choose between a flowery girls' suit or a boys' dinosaur-style suit. They are made with a durable easy-on polyester / spandex combo with soft woven polyester. With Coast Guard approved design, you can feel secure that your child is equipped with a top-notch flotation device. More for your money!
If your child has been afraid of the water, the Puddle Jumper life jacket is the answer you have been looking for. Children love the designs and once they try it in the water, they will not want to come out of the water. You will enjoy watching their enthusiasm in the water, knowing they feel confident and secure.. They can jump in and feel secure and joyful at how fast they rise to the top of the water. They can swim with ease, or float on their back.

If your child or a child you know has been afraid of the swimming pool, the Puddle Jumper life jacket is the answer. Because, kids absolutely love them they make great birthday or Christmas gifts.

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