Why choose fiberglass swimming pools instead of concrete swimming pools?  

by Pool Builders on 07-02-2011 in Articles

There are a wide range of pool designs and types available nowadays for you to choose from. However, choosing what you want really boils down to three basic factors; the available space, budget and who would be mostly using your pool. Add to that the time required for the installation, the upkeep required and the safety feature of a pool, and then you don't have to search further for the right pool for you. Fibreglass pools are exactly the kind of design you would want to install in your home.

With fiberglass, you can be guaranteed of quality product that will last for about 25 years more or less. It requires low maintenance and is available at varying colors which are really very attractive. The manufacturer of these inground fiberglass pools have fabricated these fiberglass swimming pools with a shell that will bend without cracking to adapt to earth's movements so you don't have to worry about it getting fractured due to quakes and other tremors. This type of pool design had been manufactured to endure the ordeal of time. This product is typically velvety and harmless since it is non-abrasive, therefore you don't have to worry bumping against jagged edges or surfaces. The uncommon situation of a pool lifting off the ground is rare if not impossible with fiberglass pools. The hydrostatic valve installed in its floor, makes sure that the pressure inside and outside the pool is balanced, omitting any lifting scenario. However, you should not drain the pool at anytime. Should there be a need to empty it for guarantee purposes you should seek the advice of the supplier or installer before doing so.

The designer of this type of pool has incorporated in its feature to be totally well-suited to saltwater. Thus, you can add saltwater to your pool for that extra health benefits it yields. Moreover, this type of pool does not stain and can be cleaned easily without using chemicals, unlike concrete pools. The fiberglass pool colors are fantastic and last long and there's a wide variety to choose from. This is especially true with leisure fiberglass pools, which is quite famous for its non-fading colors and outstanding design.

Indeed fiberglass pools have become so in demand nowadays, not only for the reasons enumerated herein but also because you can actually install it in a day and under almost all weather condition.

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