Why is Beach Towel Larger Than Bath Or Pool Towels?

by Pool Builders on 04-19-2010 in Articles

Why are people tripping to the beaches, picnics here and there, football, cricket, volleyball, tennis, etc., people busy spending more time outdoors? Yes! Because it's summertime! It is the warmest season of the year and who would not take advantage of the warmer temperature and longer days? Schools have summer breaks and it is also the time for road resurfacing of chuckholes left behind by winter ice and snow. All these things are hidronic activities, making sweat glands more active, too. Towels never cease to come to the rescue. Of course everybody knows what a towel is! It is an absorbent fabric used for drying or wiping. Towel, be it a bath towel, beach towel or sports towel is a massively useful thing during summer. But why is beach towel larger and longer than bath or pool towel?

A bath towel is used for drying the body after bathing or showering. It is typically rectangular, with a typical size around 30"×60" (75×150 cm). Beach towels are used for swimming purposes to dry the body as well as extra attire while swimming in the beach. It is slightly longer than pool towel, because the pool is definitely smaller than the sea and less public. Is it the reason? Beach towels' chief purpose is likewise to provide a surface to lie on. They are also worn for privacy while changing clothes in a public area, and for wiping sand from the body or objects. Beach towels often have colorful patterns to complement with the surrounding ambience of summer.

Other than drying things, beach towels are used primarily for comfort and hygiene purposes, to sit, lie, and stand on to avoid direct contact with the ground. Where nudity is common, as in saunas, bath towels are used to cover buttocks. Beach towels can be a make shift garment or blanket, or as an extra layer of clothing during cold season, or can be worn around the waist like a skirt or just under the shoulders similarly to a long dress, usually in a warm environment. Definitely, an ordinary bath towel is not sufficient to serve this purpose.

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