Why is a Solar Pool Heater a Great Option?

by Pool Builders on 03-04-2010 in Articles

The main reason that more people don't invest in solar power is because of the solar power cost, but solar pool heaters have one of the quickest payback periods compared to other solar products. A solar pool heater can pay for itself in as little as one year and depending on the type of heater it can cost as little as $100, so the solar power cost is very negligible.

A solar pool heater is a great investment. It can make your pool much more enjoyable and extend the swimming season. These heaters are very durable, so they last a long time, up to 15 years. They are also very low maintenance. With the right design the only maintenance is draining the water from the system before winter.

Solar pool heaters can save a ton of money on heating costs and once the initial cost is paid for you get free hot water for your pool for years to come. The great thing about this free hot water is that it's made without harming the environment. Solar pool heaters don't produce any pollution, only hot water.

Most heaters consist of solar collectors, piping, valves, sensors, and a control unit. The basic way that this heater works is by pumping water through the solar collector then back into the pool. Automated systems have temperature sensors on the solar collector and in the pool, when the control unit senses the right temperature it opens a valve, which allows water to flow through the solar collector. Temperatures can be programmed into the control unit, so the solar collector operates at optimum efficiency.

Most of the heat that a pool loses is lost through the surface of the pool, so the amount of solar collectors that are needed to heat a pool depends on the surface area of the pool. So the more surface area that a pool has means that more solar collectors are needed to heat the pool.

One of the great things about these heaters is that they can be used anywhere the sun shines, even in cold climates. Since solar pool heaters pay for themselves so fast the solar power cost is very minimal.

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