Why the Size of the Solar Heating Swimming Pool Matters

by Pool Builders on 10-09-2009 in Articles

A solar heating swimming pool might be a great idea for you if you want to get the most longevity out of your pool each year during even the colder months. However, the size of the pool really matters and will make a big difference. Before you get started you need to consider the size of your pool and decide if a solar solution is right for you.

A solar heating swimming pool works by heating the pool through the sun's rays. A solar system will store energy from the sun's rays into a generator that will provide electricity the pool would normally use to maintain a warm pool. This will eliminate a high electric bill. Many people turn off the pool's heating system when fall comes because the colder the outside temperatures get, the harder the heating system has to work in heating the pool which makes for a very high electric bill. If the sun is shining outside but the temperatures are cold, you can still be storing energy from the sun and eliminate the cost of a high electric bill to heat the pool. This makes a solar system for a heating solution of your pool a great idea.

The size of a pool makes a big difference on if a solar heating swimming pool is a good idea or not. This is because the bigger the pool is the more energy it will take to heat the pool. If the pool is outdoors and the ground is really cold then the heating system is going to need to work hard and require a lot of energy. Most likely the heating system will be working full time if the pool is too big. A small pool can actually get hot if it is too small. The goal is to maintain a balance with the size of the pool you want to provide a heating system with. The amount of water being circulated through the system needs to be appropriate for it to work effectively.

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