Why the Swimming Pool Heaters Are So Popular?  

by Pool Builders on 04-01-2012 in Articles

Nothing can beat swimming pool heaters that offer comfort after morning workout and also are great workout swims in the morning or evening. Swimming after dark or even extending your swimming time helps in enjoying during spring or in the fall. This investment is a must for swimming pools, especially when the climate is cold.

The heaters for pools allow you to enjoy lengthened periods of swimming season. Maintaining a temperature at a constant rate is more cost effective than heating the water occasionally. The pool heaters come with digital display allowing setting desired temperature as you want. Using solar covers also assist well in heating process and can reduce heat by 50%. This helps in keeping higher temperature all night and also in reducing evaporation. Occasional use results in repairs parts quickly owing to inactivity for long periods.

Pentair pool heaters come with built-in self-diagnostic feature to assist in determining issues regarding the heater. This assists in decreasing expenses regarding troubleshooting in association with pool heater service calls. The Pentair pool heaters make sense in enjoying a good time in the pool, regardless of the season. In fact, nowadays using pool heaters has become versatile and have also become energy efficient, cheaper, fun and comfort.

Pool heaters offer the required enjoyment and nothing can substitute the heat comfort it offers in the morning lap session. The key to pool heating is combustion efficiency such that it ensures the heat is generated and is transferred to the pool water. It offers 100% high efficiency gas to heat the heaters fast and are very economical to run. The biggest advantage is that they last longer than expected.

Pentair above ground heaters are available providing the best heat. Their compact clean design helps in keeping a low profile and is a proven packaged burner system that offers dependable and quiet operation. The control system is user friendly and makes troubleshooting simple and the operation hassle free. The FIP connections allow direct connection to the pipe or CPVC threaded fittings. They also come with limited warranty of say one year.

The heaters are popular as they also boost the property value. It gives the potential buyer a best place to dive into crystal clear warm water and to enjoy even frozen winter months. The pool heaters are best for mild climates and enjoy the added benefit of preventing the pool from debris even when it is gathering heat.

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