Wide and Large natural Stone Gallery  

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Natural stone designs are available in different forms based upon the properties, production cycle and elements of use.
There are primarily five types of natural stone to design homes, offices and commercial buildings: slate, sandstone, marble, granite. These have different properties making them differ in their looks, qualities, use and installation.
stone gallery is available in different websites to choose the right stone as per choice and usage. There are stones exclusively for flooring while some others are available for countertops and roof tiling.
Stone Gallery:
Slate: It is ideal for interior flooring of the residential buildings. These are available in different colors suitable for flooring. Shades of grey, black, green and more in slates help people to choose the right color as per their plans for interiors. Slate tiles cast an aura of its own and can be designed into different forms as per its shades and colors. These are used all over the world as these are versatile to designing. People from across the Globe prefer slate for its aura and appearance.
Sandstone:stone designs are quite prominently displayed in exteriors of homes. Sandstone is sturdy, absorbs water, is easy to install in exteriors and can withstand weather conditions. The porous characteristic makes it ideal for exterior flooring like in gardens, as pavers and exterior wall cladding in the form of sandstone tiles. Sandstone of natural stone gallery helps maintain garden as people walk freely and flora of place is intact.
Sandstone natural stone designs are prevalent around swimming pools. These are installed around the swimming pools due their non-slippery characteristic and exotic looks. Sandstone exterior flooring in large gardens are always helpful in walking for the commuters and maintains the beauty of the place.
Marble: Marble natural stone designs are famous all over the world. Many ancient monuments have marble flooring; wall cladding and tiling that makes the structure look absolutely beautiful and exotic in appearance and style. Marble is preferred in milky white color. However it is available in different color. It is solely the choice of the customer to choose the right color like brown, black, green, golden and more as per choice. Marble is installed as interior flooring is exquisite designs by installing different colored stone and making patterns out of them. Marble tiles in brown color are installed among milk-white marble as natural stone design on flooring.
Marble is also installed as countertops in different colors. There are green countertops in marble natural stone chosen for installation. Matching tiles in green or grey or mix and match are installed on walls, matching to the countertop. Marble is slippery making it unsuitable for installation around the swimming pools or in exteriors.
Marble tiles are used as tiling in wall cladding. Feature walls are available with marble from natural stone gallery.
Granite: granite is hard natural stone and as many uses. These are predominantly used in countertops. Exquisite flooring designs are also popular in residences and commercial buildings across the globe. People invest in granite as one time investment to make their place look exotic and distinguished.

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