Winter Maintenance of Portable, Above-Ground Pools

by Pool Builders on 09-01-2009 in Articles

Proper and regular maintenance of portable above ground pool is very important to retain its beauty and increase its life. This maintenance becomes more important when the winters approach. You have to close your swimming pool to prevent any damage due to the harsh cold. If the pool is left open the water will freeze and cause damage to the pool as well its equipment.

Tips For Closing The Portable Above Ground Pool In Winter

Clean The Pool

You should remove all organic matter like leaves and debris from the swimming pool. This will keep the water clean and odor free, and will discourage the growth of algae in it.

Chlorinate The Water

You should add chlorine to the water to disinfect it. But you should always use only the prescribed amount of chlorine as both high and low doses of chlorine are bad for the pool.

Maintain pH And Hardness Of Water

You should maintain the pH level and hardness of the pool water. For this you can use various kits available in the market. This will maintain the beauty of your pool and prevent it from discoloring and staining.

Lower The Water Levels

The water level should be maintained below the skimmer to prevent any damage to skimmer from freezing of water.

Drain Water From All Equipment

You should remove all the water from hose and filter otherwise the water inside them will freeze in winter and cause damage to them.

Remove And Store The Equipment

It is best to remove the pump from the pool and store it in a safe place to prevent any damage to it due to rough cold weather.Use Winter Covers

Winter covers are made of special high quality materials that protect your pool from any damage due to cold weather. Covering the pool with winter cover will prevent freezing of water. It will also ensure that no external material enters the pool and check any growth of algae.

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