Winterizing Your Pool for the Winter Months

by Pool Builders on 09-07-2007 in Articles

You are getting towards the end of the swimming season and you need to start thinking about closing out the pool for the year. You need to gather all of the products that you will need.

The first step is to verify using your test kits what pool chemicals that you will need to get your pool balanced out to have it ready. Your pH level should be at about 7.5.

Once you have it balanced you have three pool chemical products that you will want to add to your pool. You will want to start with a pool chemical to get the rust and lime out of the water. Once you have done this you will want to vacuum out the pool and possible even scrub the walls of the pool down to get the particles out that you have gotten out of the water and off the side of the pool. Then you will want to use an algaecide to protect your pool against algae growth during the winter months. The last pool chemical that you will want to add is a form a shock. You can go with either Chlorine or a non-chlorine base.

Once you have add all the pool chemicals it is important to run the pump for at least 12 hours to make sure that they are mixed well in pool water. During this time you can be removing all the accessories around the pool like the ladder or any other items that do not stay attached all winter.

You can also be cleaning your summer cover for winter storage. You want to clean it with fresh water to make sure you get all the chemicals off of it. Wait till it is dry to put it away. This would also be a good time to get your winter cover out.

When starting the process of putting on the winter pool cover you need to place something in the pool to prevent damage when the water freezes. There are products you can buy or you can just use an old inner tub and tie it to the sides of the pool. Once you have these in you need to tie down the cover tight. You can use cables or clamps. The key is to get it as tight as possible so that nothing gets underneath the pool cover during the winter months.

Next you need to drain your pool so that the water level is six to eight below the skimmer. Once you have done this you need to drain all of the water from the pool filter and pump. One other thing you can do to make sure that your pool pump is safe for the winter is to put some RV anti-freeze in and spin the pump. Putting the anti-freeze in the pool pump will prevent any water left in the pump from freezing and damaging the pump.

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