Winterizing Your Swimming Pool  

by Pool Builders on 11-14-2011 in Articles

Swimming in your pool is fun but sadly, the summertime fun comes to an end when winter sets in. Preparing your pool for winter is important because it helps to prevent your Fort Walton Beach swimming pool from damaging effects which the freezing weather can cause. Water is known to expand when it freezes and when this happens; cracks and other damage may be caused to your pool.

Closing your pool for the winter can take much of your time when compared to its regular maintenance or when you open it. However, if you prepare your swimming pool in Fort Walton Beach for the winter the right way, it will protect your investment and also make it easier for you to open it the following spring. Here is a checklist you can use to make sure you've done all that's required to prepare your swimming pool the correct way for the winter:-

Clear the pool of debris: Clear your swimming pool of any loose or floating debris such as leaves, tree branches, and other things because you surely wouldn't want to keep twigs and leaves from the freezing weather along with your pool. You can use a pool brush to scrub the pool sides and floor and vacuum all the dirt from the pool.

Balance the chemistry of the pool water to avoid corrosion and scale buildup: Make sure the chemistry of the water of your swimming pool is balanced a week before the time you think of closing it. This is necessary in order to make sure the chlorine and calcium levels and the water pH are kept within the balance range. For a balanced chemistry, the water pH should be within the range of 7.2 and 7.6, its alkalinity between 80ppm and 120ppm, chlorine level at 1ppm- 3ppm while the water calcium hardness level should be within the range of 180 and 220 parts per million.

Once the water chemistry level is balanced, shock the pool with chlorine shock and you will have a good result. You can buy winter algaecide from your local chemical supply store and add it to the pool water to winterize your swimming pool.

Drain the water level an inch or two below the mouth of the skimmer and from all equipment: Lowering your pool water level an inch or two below the skimmer will keep water out of the pool equipment and plumbing pieces while enough water will be available to support the pool cover. Also, drain water from your pool filter systems and keep the filter unit in a dry place indoors during the winter. If yours is an in-ground pool, blow air through the skimmer to make sure no water is left within the unit.

Cover the pool and ensure it is tight: Place the cover over the pool and make sure it is tightly fixed.

While the process of properly winterizing your pool may appear cumbersome, yet you will value your efforts when the weather gets warmer and you have to put your swimming pool to use again and all starts to work perfectly well. However, if you find the process to be too tedious, contact a Fort Walton swimming pool professional before the weather becomes too cold.

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