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by Pool Builders on 11-07-2007 in Articles

Winterizing your pool

When the leaves change color and a nip arrives in the air, you know that winter is approaching. This marks the end of the swimming season for this year, but you need to ensure that it does not become the end of your swimming pool. It is time to take the proper measures to winterize your swimming pool. Although there is an entire plethora of swimming pool cleaning service providers, you need to choose one from the best swimming pool maintenance companies.

Taking the necessary steps to care for your pool

1. pH Balance: We start with the verification of the test kit, which will ensure your chemicals are in the right balance. You want a pH level of 7.5 to keep the pool at optimal balance levels.

2. Proper Chemicals: Secondly, it is time to add the swimming pool maintenance chemicals to keep lime and rust at bay. If you your budget allows, swimming pool ioniser is a great choice; it discharges into the water, silver and copper ions that kill the bacteria and algae. Lastly, there is the pour-in shock solution, which can either be a chlorine-based or chlorine-free type.

3. Running the Pump: The pump needs to be run for at least twelve hours at a time to mix the chemicals well into the water. It is suggested that all the accessories (e.g. the ladder or any other metal/non-metal) be removed before starting the swimming pool maintenance procedure. Prolonged exposure to the chemicals throughout the winter months may tarnish the metal and may create poisonous/harmful reactions.

4. Critical Additives or Inner Tube: Prior to putting the winter swimming pool cover in place, it is of paramount importance that additives be placed inside the swimming pool to prevent the damages that frozen water often inflicts. The market has a number of such products that are available. However, if you want to save money, just throw a few inner tubes into the pool and secure them to the pool side.

5. Rinse Off: Lastly, the swimming pool cover must be cleaned with fresh water to wash the chemical residues off, which have gathered from the previous preservation period.

6. Securing the Cover: Next, tie the cover tightly, using cables and/or clamps. Remember, the tighter the pool cover is, the less the chance any harmful particles or elements can get underneath.

By taking these steps to winterize your pool, you will be frolicking and floating on the swimming pool's waters once again next summer!

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