Wireless Web Camera - Who's Swimming in Your Pool?

by Pool Builders on 11-02-2008 in Articles

It's unanimous that a wireless web camera is the quickest, easiest most inexpensive way to discreetly monitor your home or business.

This spy device can solve many "curiosity" questions you may be constantly nagging you- why sit and worry endlessly when you can so easily confirm suspicions via technology?

What's at stake?

- Safety of your kids

- Your marriage

- Legal action because of something you're unaware of

For example, "Is my babysitter paying attention to my kids?", "Is my wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend cheating on me?", "Is there someone swimming in my pool?", "Are my employees stealing cash out of my register?", "Are employees following proper hygiene rules?", "Did a package get delivered to my doorstep"? And the list goes on...

If you are ready to commit to a spy device you may need some beginners advice, as there are hundreds of variations of this device available.

How Discreet Do You Need To Be?

Wireless web cameras come in 2 basic varieties.

Basic Wireless Web Camera These are good for basic home surveillance as the actual camera device is small enough to place somewhat out of view. However these wireless web cameras still look like monitoring devices so many will realize they are being watched.

Many times this is OK as the presence of the camera is enough to prevent any unwanted situations from arising. For example, an obvious camera pointed on your swimming pool may be enough to prevent the neighbor kids from hopping the fence and taking a dip in your pool.

If you want to keep an eye on your pets at home, then a basic wireless web camera is perfect, no need for discretion here.

Covert Wireless Web Camera - These are wireless web cameras disguised as everyday household items like clock radios, smoke detectors, air purifiers, and even plants.

You would use this type of device if you KNOW something is going on and want to gather evidence. You want proof and you'll be amazed at how simple it is to gather!

While a basic wireless web camera may deter unwanted behavior simply by it's presence a discreet spy camera simply blends in with the environment so activities in your home or business will go on as usual however every nuance will be captured by the watchful eye of your clock, plant or smoke detector spy device.

What does this mean for you?

It could be nothing - if your suspicions are misguided. Or...life changing if negative footage is revealed. It could mean mental resolution, relief and a possible decision to take some kind of action. You need evidence to make decisions and the camera never lies!

So why not learn more about these two wireless web camera options if you feel you need some kind of surveillance?

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