Workout in the Pool and Training in the Water  

by Pool Builders on 09-03-2011 in Articles

After a strenuous activity, it's always good to relax and cool down your body with a good dip. And what better way to give your body that rest than to do an aquatic workout in the pool. These simple workouts are both cooling and burning in their effect as they relax your already tensed muscles and tone them through the movement in the water to give them a smartly formed finished product. It would depend on the speed and tempo of your workouts but the more you move- the more you burn. The longer you move - the more you shape and build.
Water-based training regimens and playing games like basketball hoop pool are very good for any athlete's body as they train the athlete to develop strong lungs and stamina alongside a sturdy and strong body. A lot of fighters in particular use water training to develop speed and power as it takes a lot of force and energy to just do a snap jab underwater or even a decent kick for that matter.
Here is a fun workout regimen to do when underwater that can give you strong abs and a powerful back in no time:
? Start off by doing a simple warm up stretching so you enter the water with a heated body. This will allow the water to shape your body correctly much faster.
? After warm-up, slide into the water and feel the temperature change in your body by your breathing. Exhale to remove the cold feeling and keep sliding until you are fully submerged. Then keep moving your body so it warm up underwater.
? Start at the shallow end and simply lift your arms clear off the water. Keep them at chest level and start moving along one side of the shallow end to the other by doing twisting knee raises while walking to the other end. Repeat this 10 times for 3 Sets.
? The next exercise is the army style wading. Do small catwalks (one foot crosses over the other) towards the other end once more but keep your arms clear off the water surface by holding them up high over your head the entire workout. Do this 10 times. Repeat 3 sets with 20 seconds resting time with your arms down.
? The third is the main builder of your body which is swimming laps from the shallow end of your pool to the deep end and back. Do this 15 times for 3 sets.
So whether you are out there playing some basketball hoop pool or just swimming, keep in mind that aquatic workout in the pool is a fun and smart way to train the body to have all the energy it needs.

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