World Celebs Have Been to Bali Villas  

by Pool Builders on 08-03-2009 in Articles

Bali and its magical charm attracts all walks of life including those of world celebrities.

It's not unusual sight in Bali where celebs strolling on the beach or on Kuta street or shopping in local boutiques. The face like Tina Arena (The Mask of Zorro soundtrack) or Madonna sometimes stunned the shop keeper (however those with Madonna's caliber might choose to have more privacy by asking the shop owner to close the shop exclusively for them).

Privacy is highly regarded in Bali, Bali residents both native or settlers are cordial but never intrusive, they will never 'go after' celebs for signature or a snap shot. With high level of privacy offered by private villas (and some other special perks too such as private swimming pool, personal butler, personal chef etc ), more and more celebs shifting to this accommodation type.

The secluded locations and discreet service guarantee total privacy - which is one of important elements for celebs peace of mind when on vacation. It's like unwritten law here, villas keep the presence of celebs low profile until they check out, even then villa will never officially reveal who was their VIP guest. This is adhered very strictly - sometimes only villa management and the assigned butler who had made aware of the celebs true identity and left the other staff clueless until the person checked in (more often than not the celebs booked their villa under somebody's else name).

Goldie Hawn and daughter Kate Hudson - American Golden Globe-winning and Oscar-nominated film actress- were VVIP guest at Amanusa. Sting reportedly having his meal in the restaurant at Como Sambhala (formerly Begawan Giri Estate) and staying at Villa Batu Jimbar, an oceanfront private villa in Sanur where Yoko Ono and Mick Jagger were once guest too.

Back in 2007, Beckham, wife Victoria and their three children reportedly landed by private jet in Yogyakarta on June 19th for a stay at the ultra-luxurious Amanjiwo resort near Borobudur Temple, the Beckham's later moved to Bali where they reportedly enjoyed a stay at the Amankila near Manggis, East Bali. Hotly pursued by paparazzi, the Beckham's moved to an undisclosed location to continue to enjoy their private Bali holiday.

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