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by Pool Builders on 04-01-2012 in Articles

The highly experienced and skillful architect can help increase the value of a property through the most innovative in ground swimming pool designs along with the ideas for other amenities to be provided in the landscape. Those who are desirous of creating an amazing outdoor environment will opt for a custom swimming pool with all modern facilities. The photos of hundreds of award winning designs of swimming pools by leading professionals of landscape architecture can be viewed by browsing their websites. The plans and ideas are highly inspiring and by viewing them one can have a better plan and design for his custom swimming pool.

These architectural firms undertake the entire project of construction of the pool along with the outdoor kitchen, deck jets, spa, optic lights and the surrounding garden etc... They also undertake renovation of existing facilities. The facilities provided by them are such that one can have the enjoyment and relaxation at his home equal to that provided by a star hotel. The various features of the pool include glass tiles of latest patterns, pool cleaning systems, fiber optic lighting for the pool, garden in Tuscan design, patio made of lime stone and desk jet fountains etc. The pools that are custom made consist of spectacular waterfalls, blue stones, crab orchard and sun shelf etc. The outdoor kitchen will have an outdoor living room.

The most outstanding in ground swimming pool designs include two separate waterfalls - one for inflow and the other one for outflow. There will be a small pond or stream just by the side of the outdoor kitchen so that one can enjoy the natural beauty while cooking in the kitchen. The water in the pool will fall into a large basin which will re-circulate the water. The pool will be designed to have a perfect natural backdrop so that it will be suitable as a venue for small social gatherings. The reflection of the night lighting's make the pool an oasis and it will be really exciting to watch the same from the living room or from the garden.

Those who have the best designed swimming pools at home need not go anywhere to entertain their guests and social friends. The tropical garden around the pool, the enchanting waterfall and the serene beauty of the water flowing from the spa etc will be highly exciting features for the guests and they can have the best relaxation at that place. They can have delicious snacks and drinks at the grill and kitchen area.

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