Wow Your Friends with an Ocean Blending Swimming Pool

by Pool Builders on 10-23-2006 in Articles

Have you ever seen a swimming pool that seems to have no edge, appears to go on forever and blends into the ocean? If you have never seen one of these, your first time could be somewhat scary. But there is nothing to fear. On the contrary, there is fun to be had.

You see the swimming pool that I've just described is called an infinity edge pool.

An infinity edge pool (also known as "negative edge" and "infinity pool") is an inground swimming pool that creates the illusion that the water on one or more ends of the pool is supported by nothing and overflowing.

For centuries, Europeans have been using the infinity pool design, however, they did not gain popularity in the U.S. until the 1950's.

The overflowing effect is enhanced when the "edgeless" parts of the pool are located over high ground that drops away. When the infinity pool is located near a water source like an ocean or lake,it gives the beautiful illusion that the pool water does not end, that it goes on to infinity.

The infinity pool is also admired for its reflective ability. It can look quite stunning at night and can create a wonderful romantic environment.

The edgeless look on the negative edge pool is achieved by placing a reservoir, or pool skimmer, below and out of view on the "edgeless side". The reservoir works like the rest of the pool filtration system and the collected water is filtered back into the pool.

So, although it seems to be edgeless, this is not the case. The illusion is breathtaking. Indulge yourself with an infinity edge pool and allow your imagination to run wild into...well...into infinity.

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