\"X-Men" and the X-Rated Entertainment Industry-Part Two (Graphic!)  

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Part One of this series took a brief look at Hollywood's sordid past as preface to the latest demonstration of that seaminess - the blockbuster charges and lawsuit filed by former child model and aspiring actor Michael Egan III against €X-Men€ director and proud homosexual Bryan Singer.

Now that Mr. Egan has cited in his federal lawsuit three additional men who also, always allegedly, sexually abused him and others back in 1999, the implications of his charges gain more credibility at the same time they help explain the putrid, sex-obsessed, gay-fixated state of entertainment today.

The newly-named, accused pedophiles - former BBC Worldwide America president head of programming at Fox, NBC and the WB, Garth Ancier, ex-Disney boss and Digital Entertainment Network exec David Neuman, and Broadway producer and Universal Studios theme park creator Gary Goddard - are or were three of the most powerful individuals in the entertainment industry and therefore well able to tailor programming, indeed, everything fed to Americans on movie and television screens and Broadway stages, to their tastes.

The expanded scope of Egan's allegations and their implications have, naturally, ignited even greater interest among the defenders of the entertainment status quo.

Variety.com reports that, €As with the suit against Singer, Egan made four claims against each of the three execs - intentional infliction of emotional distress, assault, battery and invasion of privacy by unreasonable intrusion. Each of the suits recounted in explicit detail the sexual acts that took allegedly place between Egan and each of the men in Hawaii in 1999.€

Variety doesn't reveal those explicit details, leaving readers to use their imaginations concerning what grown, lustful men inclined to pederasty would do to vulnerable, immature boys under their control. Variety did, however, quote Egan as saying, €I would not wish on my worst enemies what I went through. Somebody has to stand up to these people.€

With far fewer compunctions, RadarOnline.com went graphic in its report on Egan's suit against the former Disney head honcho and the other two additions to the lawsuit.

Radar reported the salacious lawsuit language verbatim including: €On an occasion by the swimming pool at the Estate, Defendant Anicer attempted to fondle and kiss Plaintiff's genitals without Plaintiff's consent.€ Defendant Anicer also €pinned the Plaintiff, and forcefully and nonconsenually orally copulated him... Defendant Ancier forcibly sodomized Plaintiff against his will,€ forced Egan to masturbate his penis after which €defendant Ancier ejaculated onto Plaintiff's body.€

Radar also detailed the charges against Goddard and Neuman: €Defendant Goddard would grab Plaintiff, pull Plaintiff to him, and orally copulate him against Plaintiff's will. Defendant Goddard, on a number of occasions, would attempt to force Plaintiff to perform oral sex on him in the pool or Jacuzzi... Plaintiff was under the influence of the mind-altering substances that he was administered at the behest of Defendant Goddard and others... Defendant Goddard became physically aggressive towards Plaintiff and rebuked him by telling Plaintiff that he knew the consequences of failing to make him happy. Defendant then forcefully sodomized Plaintiff.€

€Defendant Neuman often told Plaintiff he would find a role for him in television shows, and that he would use his connections to further Plaintiff's acting career. Defendant Neuman sexually assaulted Plaintiff on numerous occasions at the Marc Collins Rector Estate during the one to two year time period preceding the trips to Hawaii set forth hereafter,€ the lawsuit papers against Neuman state.

€Defendant Neuman regularly insisted that Plaintiff consume alcoholic beverages and drugs. On one occasion Defendant Neuman attempted to induce Plaintiff to orally copulate him in the swimming pool, but the effort was halted by the interruption of another adult€¦Defendant Neuman coerced Plaintiff into orally copulating him and into submitting to being orally copulated by Defendant Neuman while in the bathroom. Defendant Neuman also forcefully sodomized Plaintiff.€ (http://tinyurl.com/l9yxjwg)

Someone should certainly €stand up to these people€ but, until now at least, no one has, not even law enforcement authorities; Egan has stated he reported the abuse and no was action was taken.

Without offering excuses for any of the accused, it should be noted that sex attacks on minors of both genders is rapidly becoming acceptable, though still currently illegal.

- The prestigious American Psychiatric Association is in process of endorsing, €normalizing,€ and seeking to legalize adults having sex with children;

- The Harvard Mental Health Letter of July 2010 stated that pedophilia €is a sexual orientation€ like homosexuality and heterosexuality and is therefore €unlikely to change€;

- The pederastic National Association of Man/Boy Love Association, NAMBLA, has long advocated in favor of legalizing man-boy sexual relationships.

It's highly possible that, should Hollywood elites Bryan Singer, Garth Ancier, David Neuman, and Gary Goddard be found culpable in Michael Egan III's lawsuit, after bashing Egan's motives, life, and reputation, their attorneys will invoke the APA's efforts, the 2010 Harvard Medical Letter, and NAMBLA in their appeal. Wealthy all, no monetary settlement will bother them and they know the American public, oblivious of the decadence sweeping the country, will still flock to their movies and watch their television productions.

Part Three will follow the court verdict.

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