YMCA Budget Problems - Enclosure For Year Round Pool

by Pool Builders on 05-18-2009 in Articles

Pool was Summer Time Hub for Everyone

All we have is our pool said the manager of a Tennessee YMCA. During the hot Volunteer days and nights the pool was alive with activity. There were lots of mothers with children, teenagers gathering even seniors wanting to sooth some aching muscles with pool therapy. Some families even met at the pool after work to swim and play together as a family.

All our Eggs in One Basket

Everyone loved the pool during the summer, but when the chilly autumn winds would blow and the days shorter, the YMCA became almost deserted. That was the problem said the manager, When the pool shuts down, everything stops. All the other programs suffered, from daycare to exercise/therapy programs. The pool had been the foundation in which all other programs came. They had to do something, or close everything.

Help from the Swim Teams

Two local high schools desperately needed a place to practice during the winter. A couple other private swim clubs needed practice areas as well. The high school swim teams helped the YMCA fund using an air supported enclosure to keep pool open all year round. Now they had a place to practice as well as allow the YMCA to keep open.

Unexpected Income

The surprise benefit was having income arrive from a new source, the covered concrete deck area became instant source of income for the YMCA. There were not a lot of places that could take care of a big gathering of people in the area. Immediately there was a waiting list to have parties, receptions in the enclosure. A big source of income that helped offset enclosure costs. Private swim clubs as well were willing to lease the pool for their practices during the winter.

Everyone Benefits

Now the pool and all the secondary programs are flourishing. Senior programs, daycare, have strong membership numbers. The school and private club teams have a place to practice. The Y has gained income from not only stronger programs but leasing the facility.

Now the YMCA is not just a swimming pool but a place to gather for the whole community. Consider this innovative way to keep your budgets in these tough economic times. It is time to see whether your seasonal swimming pool can help your community by being open year round.

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