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Arizona Title 44 is an Arizona state law regulating energy efficiency for residential swimming pools. Effective January 1, 2012, all new & replacement pumps & motors for your pool must comply with Title 44. As your home's number 2 energy user, your pool pump can cost you up to $700 annually. You can save half this cost by installing a variable speed pump. These pumps have the ability to operate at a variety of speeds. Very low speeds can be used to filter the water & conserve energy, while higher speeds can be used for shorter periods of time to clean your pool quickly & effectively. This can result in a savings of up to 70% on your current monthly pool electricity cost. Advantages of a Variable Speed Pump include:
*Economy--Saves you money on electricity costs
*Versatility--Pump can be programmed (times & speeds) to accomplish each pump function (cleaning, filtering, heating, water features)
*Quiet--You will win the "Good Neighbor" award as you can hardly hear the pump running.
*Endurance--Long life due to motor design & rating
*Filtration--More effective filtration due to lower speed of pump operation
*Simplicity--Eliminates the need of a separate filter timer.
So enjoy your pool this summer without getting soaked by high energy bills. We just installed a variable speed pump on our own swimming pool and it is already saving us over $30 per month. Let us provide you with a FREE energy savings analysis to see how much money you can save too.

If you are looking for new ways to be more eco-friendly, your swimming pool might not be the first place you think of. While the required water, energy, and chemicals involved in owning a pool may have some level of impact on the environment, there are several ways that you can make your pool more eco-friendly that you may not have considered. here are a few suggestions:
*Maintain properly balanced water at all times so that no chemical overdosing or water draining is necessary.
*Use low-voltage lighting in the swimming pool and for any exterior lights around the pool.
*Run the filter in the early morning of night, avoiding extra drain on the electrical grid.

At Wet Kat Southwest, we recycle all our used containers and take care to dispose of chemicals in an environmentally sound manner. We purchase recycled materials whenever possible and strive to make all our daily practices more environmentally conscious. So you can see, sometimes green is better than blue.

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