Yeast Infection Side Effects  

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The causes of this type of yeast infection is reduced resistance to Candida in women due to the use of birth control pills. Antibiotic used for a long time causes reduction of the bacteria that do not allow yeast to grow. As the 'good bacterial' population decreases, the yeast turns into an opportunistic pathogen. Oral yeast infections can also be caused by tricyclic antidepressants.

Changing your diet and reducing processed foods, common food allergens, and balancing your PH were just a few examples she gave about combatting systemic candida infection. While many people realize that sugar in many forms feed fungal infections, few may be aware that heavy metals in your body attract candida. Candida's function is to protect the body from such poisins: another natural cleanup crew. If you want to listen to a pre-recorded lecture to learn all the details she offered, click the change your diet link.

Oral thrush in men is the same as in women, a yeast infection of the mouth and throat. It is caused by a fungi called Candida Albicans that naturally occurs in our bodies, especially in the dark, moist, warm areas that it loves to grow in. Hence the mouth and throat.

Throat infections are very common among newborns. Since they are born without any bacteria or yeast in their bodies, they can easily get infected when they come into contact with such things outside the womb, for example while nursing. Their little bodies lack the "good bacteria" and their immune systems are not strong enough to keep the yeast from taking over. However, for infants, a yeast infection of throat does not usually threaten their lives.

When children are born, their immune system is at a very weak stage. When the child grows up, even the immune system starts strengthening, but it is only when they become adults that their immune system becomes fully strong. This is the reason why children as well as teenagers get infected by various diseases very easily. One such disease that is commonly seen in children is candidiasis yeast infection. They appear in the form of red swollen tissues which are covered by cream or white colored patches, and can be seen in the mouth as well as in the genital and anal areas.

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