Yin And Yang Of Pools

by Pool Builders on 04-17-2011 in Articles

A pool is a dream that almost every home owner has. And wouldn't it be? A pool is a great and fun frivolous investment in anyone's home or most particularly, backyard. Like the song goes, "wouldn't it be nice" to have your very own swimming pool - right in the comfort of your home?

Undeniably, a pool is indeed an investment. Any existing and current pool owner will agree with that statement. Truly it can cost you thousands upon thousand of dollars with the construction alone. Contractors, especially those with experience, demand a hefty amount of money for their "professional" services. I'm sure that if a pool owner can only build their own pools, they will do so just to do away with the spending.

Now, pool maintenance is another story. If you are a pool owner, pool maintenance is inevitable in your life. Be it the daily, weekly or monthly routine cleaning. Pool maintenance is expensive too. But as expensive as they may be, they are essential to be able to keep your pool functioning properly. Of course any pool that is clean and well-kept will function properly.

Doubts and questions might be circulating through our minds right now. Calm down my friend. Everything has two sides to them. Sure, the prior statements and features display all the downsides, or rather, the consequences of having a pool. But guess what - IT GETS BETTER. As everything has a bad side, they have a good side too. A pool have good sides too so don't back out on that investment just yet.


A pool is a great place to do exercise. Such exercises include leg and arm lifts, lateral raises, lap swimming and walking. You can truly lose weight while you hop and swim around your swimming pool. Exercising in a pool is also both fun and effortless. So effortless in fact, that a lot of old aged homes have built-in pools to help their elderly stretch out and exercise.

It's also a great place to get your babies to waggle and work out. Swimming will pave the way for physical activity and enjoyment for your little angel.

Try this: wear jeans that are a tight fit to you then swim in the pool for 3 to 4 hours. Fit the jeans again after you swim and you will be surprised. You will find 2 to 3 inches of your waist line. Try it!


Acquiring a pool is a grand way to keep your kids home. Yes, you will surely keep your kids from going to other places with their friends. They can stay home, do some laps and have fun with their friends. You know very well as a parent that keeping your kids home is hard but preferable than having to worry where they are.

Adding a pool to your property can be either status quo or an act for luxury. Whatever category you fall under, a pool is a sure-fire way to add that wow factor to your estate. You can glam up your home with a clean, clear and well-kept swimming pool.

A pool has yin and yang. If you are an aspiring pool owner, be smart about weighing your options. You have the power to decide. Pool or no pool?

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