You Can Still Swim After Breast Surgery

by Pool Builders on 05-27-2008 in Articles

After undergoing breast surgery, swimming and taking a vacation can be both therapeutic and rejuvenating. This is a time in your life where the first person you need to worry about is ME. Do not put yourself on a guilt trip because you deserve to pamper yourself and celebrate life. I realize the idea of jumping back in the deep end might be frightening, but for so many reasons it is imperative that you dive back in and be confident in your own beauty.

Even though all women hate swimwear shopping, look at this as a great opportunity to make yourself look fabulous in a swimsuit. Regardless of circumstance, every woman hates some part of her body. What women often do not realize or celebrate is that all of her body is beautiful.

First, go shopping in a store that has knowledgeable sales staff. Before you begin this experience, check with your surgeon and friends to see which boutiques and stores are in your neighborhood. Once there, tell your sales associate what special needs you may have when selecting your perfect swimsuit. For example, good bust support, room for a pocket, more coverage, tummy control, etc. Then the fun begins! Trust me, shopping for swimsuits is fun.

Today, you have many options in selecting the perfect suit that makes you look MARVELOUS. Whether it's a one piece, tankini, or a two piece there is a perfect suit for you. During this process, do not forget color. Do not be afraid to try a suit on with a bold color or print. Black is timeless and always one of the top season's colors for swimsuits. This year, navy and orange are popular hues.

There are specific swim wear products designed for women who have had breast surgery. Vendors such as Gottex and Amoena make swimwear that already have a pocket sewn in and is constructed giving a little more coverage under the arm and through the neckline. Having a pocket is a must if you wear a pad or prosthesis. You want to be sure that if a wave hits you or if you dive into a pool you do not have any surprises such as something floating on top of the water.

Shopping Hints to Enhance or Hide Certain Body Areas:

o Tummy Control: If you want to camouflage your tummy, I recommend looking for a suit that flatters and firms. Shirring, color blocking, asymmetrical patterns and surplice suits are good to take control of the mid-section.

o Large Thighs: Find a suit that takes the eye away from that area. Skirted tankinis are a great option, as are swim dress suits or boy short suits (jogger style).

o Hip Problems: Here you need to find a suit that flatters the leg. You should look for a suit that is cut up higher on the leg because it makes your hips look smaller. Dark bottoms are a good choice to not bring as much attention to this particular body area. Also try to find a suit that has interest, in terms of color, pattern, embellishments, across the top to take your eye away from the hip area.

o Long Torso: Suits are available in long lengths. Tankinis and two piece suits are great for long torsos too to break up the visual appearance of length. Emphasis at the waist deemphasizes the length of the torso.

After making your selection ask to see if the suit has a matching cover-up. These are great items to have because you can slip into them for more coverage and they are great wardrobe enhancers. They allow you to go straight from poolside or the beach to lunch. Many times there are matching dresses or slacks that become multi-purpose and you can wear them out for dinner or to town for shopping.

It is all in the details. Do not forget the head and feet when preparing for the beach. A straw visor is a trendy look this year and it is easy to pack when traveling. Thong sandals continue to be the rage. Havianas thongs with the slim design are especially popular. These accessories coupled with the perfect swim suit all help in building your self confidence and resulting in featuring your beauty.

The type of surgery you have had will determine if you have a need for a swim form or pad. You have many options available to you. Do not feel like you are inadequate in any way. We can make your bust line look great and have an even appearance. There are many tricks to the trade to do this. It varies from soft swim pads to light weight swim forms--from fabric to silicone--from partial pads to full pads. Whatever your situation, there is a good remedy.

To illustrate, there are pads by Bravo that give a more symmetrical look if you've had a lumpectomy, a light weight silicone swim form that works instead of a prosthesis, a weightless fabric pad, and a balance shaper for either lumpectomy or to add balance and symmetry for reconstruction. These all feel very life-like.

Swimming after breast surgery will make you fit, make you more relaxed, and make you feel good. Isn't that what we would all like?

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