You Need To Use Good Metal Primer, Thinner And Paint On Your Pool  

by Pool Builders on 03-23-2014 in Articles

We really do have a great climate here in Australia, which is why we have one of the biggest pool ownership rates anywhere on the globe. Yes we Aussies own more pools per capita than just about any other country. We can swim year around in much of the country and with the heats we get up to in the summer you need to swim almost every day just to keep yourself cool. However, pool ownership is not all relaxing swims and pool parties, no, there is also a lot of maintenance required. If you want to make sure that your pool is a stunning blue then you need to make sure that you paint it on a regular basis. You need to use the right thinners, epoxy or metal primer and the right epoxy or metal paints.

When it comes to primers you want either a two part epoxy primer if you are going onto unusually rough plaster or concrete, it is especially effective on sandblasted surfaces. Metal primers are good if you are painting on a metal pool so make sure that you get the right primer for the job as it will last longer and you will be able to do a better job.

It is also vital that you are using good quality thinners as well. You want to find thinners that are right for the type of paint and primer that you are using. The best way to do this is to buy all of your materials from the same company as they will be able to ensure that you are getting all the right paints, thinners and epoxies.

It also pays to find the right epoxy paint, so look for one that is a hard and durable two-pack polyamide cured epoxy based pool paint. This will offer the long term protection for your pool that you want. You need paint films that deliver a very low water permeability and provide excellent resistance to impact, abrasion, fungus, bacterial growth, acids alkalis, common solvents and most pool chemicals. 2- pack Epoxy paints will have greater reliability in harsher pool environments such as low pH and high chlorine levels.

When you need the best primers, epoxy thinners and pool paints you need to find a good supplier, one that has the range you need at the prices you need. You want to find one that delivers as well so you don't have to drive around looking for it.

You can find great paints, you can get all the pool paint colours you want.

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