You Think You're Too Old to Compete in Swimming - Try Masters Swimming

by Pool Builders on 02-02-2010 in Articles

How many people out there are what are called masters swimmers? There is actually quite a lot now. Masters swimmers are divided by age groups of 25 - 29 to over 100 years old by five year increments. Many of these masters swimmers are long time competitors while there are also new swimmers mixed in.

The love for competing keeps people coming back just as you find runners who like to race through all the age groups as they move up in age. You can be a new beginner at 30 years old who never competed before start to train and race. Why not, if you enjoy the feeling of learning to swim faster and like to compete with other people it would be great fun.

You may find yourself addicted to swimming and feel like you can't find enough time to get to the pool to train. When you get to this point you know you are hooked, be careful you do not over train because you will start to lose the ability to make improvements and may actually slow down.

As far as training, you can do some search online and find many programs that will get you started, You need a good routine that progresses from beginner to novice and up. If you have a swim club in your area, it would be great to join them because you will get some good help from the members and coach.

If you have been thinking about getting back into competitive swimming or are a beginner who would like to try, go for it. At the least you will get a good work out and feel much better about yourself.

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