Your Pool Heating Options

by Pool Builders on 11-27-2011 in Articles

Pool owning isn't seasonal, so why should swimming be? If you are considering installing a heated pool, upgrading to a heated one, or rethinking the method of your heating system, there are several options available.

Once concern for water heating is the cost. Pool heaters, the most common appliance used to heat units, uses natural gas or propane to warm the pool. However, they come in very energy efficient models, which means they are not only better for the environment but cost less to maintain. Not only are they efficient during use, but they can be turned off and on according to use, so they do not need to be running and using up gas constantly.

Make sure your heater is till working efficiently. An out of date heater can use up much more energy. If your heater is too old, consider replacing it, especially considering the energy-efficient models available.

Not to mention heating is usually done only seasonally when the weather is not warm enough to heat the pool naturally. Both in-ground and above-ground pool scan be heated. Pool heaters can heat up quickly and effectively, which is great if you have kids who are antsy to swim!

An alternative to heaters are pool pumps. Pumps use electricity instead of gas or propane so there is nothing released into the air. Pumps heat pools using the warmth of the air around it. This means that they do not generate heat, and thus use less energy. Like a pool heater, it does not need to be running constantly. Some pumps can even be used to chill your pool during the summer.

You can also use a solar pool cover to keep your pool warmer. Even if you live in an already warm climate, this will help retain heat to keep your pool warmer on cloudy days or for nighttime swimming. These covers usually keep your pool around fifteen degrees warmer. If used in addition to a pool heater or pump, they can keep maintenance costs for heating a pool low.

Heated swimming units usually require more chlorination than during the seasons when you are not heating. Find heaters, pumps, solar blankets, and all the necessary chemicals at a pool supply store to make sure you are taking proper care of your heated pool. There are certain climate, size, and budget restrictions to consider in making the decision.

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