Your Shopping Guide to Pool Cleaners

by Pool Builders on 10-10-2010 in Articles

Pool cleaners come in two ways. There are automatic units and the manual ones. You can't have only one type. An automatic one will help you clean up your pool in a very speedy and efficient manner. However, manual cleaning tools should still be in place for some detailed work.

When you buy these pool cleaners, you should know in great length what you are up to. You simply can't bring home any product that is thrust to you by the salesperson. You need to arm yourself with essential information that will help guide you in your purchase. This will make your shopping a lot more quick and fun.

When buying automatic cleaners, it is important that you know they come in three types. There is a suction-side, pressure-side and a robotic one. Based on their names, you can clearly identify their cleaning methods. Suction-side cleaners use suction power to get rid of dirt while pressure-side cleaners use force to collect the debris. A robotic one can be programmed to work on its own. Each of these cleaners have their own advantages, so research thoroughly what works best for you in terms of performance.

As for manual cleaners, you will have an assortment of things to use. There are leaf rakes and nets to collect leaves and twigs that fell in the pool. You'll need brushes and scrubs to get rid of the slick and algae that lines your pool walls and floors.

Once you're decided what items you need, bear in mind the budget that you have. Some automatic pool cleaning equipment can be very costly. Robotic cleaners can cost you a thousand grand. Be prepared to spend a little more if you want to experience more convenience.

Lastly, when shopping for pool cleaners, you need to realize the ease of use or installation each equipment needs. This is particularly applicable to the automatic ones. Some type of cleaners need some preparatory installations before they can be used. Others simply need to be plugged and left alone to work.

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