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by Pool Builders on 06-13-2011 in Articles

Cleaning a swimming pool is one of the biggest reasons why many people shy away from the idea of having one. The cost of maintaining a pool, especially if you go for hired help is much more than the cost of even building the pool. However, these cots can now b e minimised to a huge extent if you take the wise step and decide to take care of pool maintenance by yourself. It doesnt even require much effort. All you need is the latest technology in the area of pool maintenance and the best example of this is the zodiac pool cleaner. The zodiac pool cleaner has been designed for self reliant individuals, and it reduces the effort of keeping and maintaining a pool by more than 60%. The cost too can be greatly reduced when you use the zodiac pool cleaner.

No Clogging

The zodiac pool cleaner is incorporated with the latest vortex technology that makes it a powerful agent in cleaning up matter like old leaves, grime and algae, etc from the inner walls as well as the floor of the pool. The vortex technology involves a powerful suction mechanism which makes the zodiac pool cleaner create a powerful whirlpool like action as it sucks in the water. As you change the position of the pump and the hydraulic flow, you will discover that you are able to prevent the valves from clogging, and are able to finish cleaning up the pool much faster than anticipated. The whirlpool that gets created causes the debris material to get suspended rather than settle down at one spot. This prevents clogging. This would also make the zodiac pool cleaner much easier to maintain and use as a result.

Steering and Tires

Yet another reason why it is so useful is the Intelligent Steering system. This system enables you to steer the zodiac pool cleaner efficiently all over the pool, and complete the cleaning process without much effort. You would find it a real pleasure to use, since you dont have to exert too much of energy. It is fast, efficient and easy to use. Whats more is that there are specific kinds of zodiac pool cleaners that suit various pool types. You must therefore do some proper research before you pick one for your pool. In addition to this, it also has beautifully designed tires that allow you to manoeuvre the machine smoothly all over the pool floor, no matter how slippery it is.

Types of Cleaners

For instance, if your pool is above the surface, then you must go for a Zodiac Zoom or the Zodiac Zippy pool cleaners. These clearers are extremely efficient when it comes to a pool that has a quite level or flat surface. It can be used to clean up even large sized pools in an hour or less, in a very effortless and a noiseless fashion. Similarly, if you have a sunken pool, then you should go for a Mars HP, or Indigo G3 and G4. The Zodiac Pacer is one of the best choices you can make if you have a mall pool and are thus looking for something cheap.

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