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2015-12-05 00:12 14 YouTube

Evolution Fast-forward - Part 2 - Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo

A highly engaging animated motion graphic presentation of the fundamental ideas and underlying geometry behind the knowledge and process of Integral Yoga. It gives a broad overview of psycho

2017-09-24 50:01 2,731 YouTube

How To Give Your Cat A Pill - VetVid Episode 020

Learn how to give your cat a pill.

2009-06-10 02:10 326,208 YouTube

Treating Hip Dysplasia in Dogs - VetVid Episode 015

Learn about the treatments available for dogs suffering from Hip Dysplasia. Dr. Anthony Cambridge, who is board certified in veterinary surgery, talks about what Hip Dysplasia is and treatme

2009-05-12 03:29 77,217 YouTube

Потому что ЛЮБЛЮ!!!!

Для моего Димки!! я его очень люблю...

2010-02-25 04:26 376 YouTube

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