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Antique Bakery Ep 1

Happy easter {Antique bakery episode 1}

Happy easter everyone, sorry i hadn't gotten it out til 10pm, but i don't really like easter, i don't really like holidays, sorry if i triggered anyone.

2017-04-17 22:50 4,950 YouTube

Antique Bakery Part1 English subbed

2017-11-03 43:08 4,379 YouTube

Antique Bakery 1/11

Still haunted by his past, Kim Jin-hyeok, a kidnap victim, decides to open a cake shop even if he cannot stand sweets. He believes that women will flood his small cake shop, and that one day

2011-06-29 10:00 3,882 YouTube


2011-01-31 01:56 5,332 YouTube

Antique Bakery Episode 1 ENG

2016-05-17 17:34 9,203 YouTube