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We Cannot Live Without Him [Subtitles]

Korean title: 그이 없인 못살아 Long Epic "The Sky of the Sun" and a Poetess ... ... ... People, I beg your pardon With my clumsy pen, I cannot...

2017-02-07 04:12 4,404 YouTube

Days of the Week [Subtitles]

Korean title: 요일풀이 노래 Japanese title: 曜日解釈の歌 Video and song from 1993 about the February Holiday and Kim Jong Il's birthday. Some of the video ...

2012-02-15 02:43 13,030 YouTube

Kim Jong Il the great Journalist, Architect and Successor

English Narration From the Documentary: "The Brilliant History of Great Leadership" (Kim Jong Il's Leadership of Korea) Year of release: 2008 6.19 Korean title: ...

2013-06-21 09:57 9,793 YouTube

Nation and Destiny - Part 13 (North Korea)

Korean title: 민족과 운명 제13부 홍영자 편 제3부 전편 English Subtitles Famous North Korean Movie Serie in 58 parts Last part of the Episode called "Hong Yong ...

2014-01-02 02:26 31,784 YouTube

Kim Jong Il's leadership during the Arduous March

English Narration. From the Documentary "Korea, changing sorrow into strength and courage" "Although the ...

2012-07-12 06:04 9,229 YouTube